Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Team NEAWP - ISES Special Event Olympics 2009!

Team NEAWP!! 
NEAWP participated in the ISES Special Event Olympics on Thursday July 16, 2009. It was an incredible showing and for our first year, we walked away with 4 trophies. Out of the participating organizations, our PINK shirts stood out. Even the men wore pink well !!

A special thanks to the first annual NEAWP team: 
  • John "V-Ball" Cook, NEAWP
  • Barbara "Long Toss" Hearne, Barbara's Brides
  • Gina " The Express" Greenspan, 2 Dine 4 Catering
  • Laura "Dash" Villalanti, NEAWP
  • Deidre " The Dart" Brown, Detailed Weddings and Events, LLC
  • Martha " The Rouser" Perez, Your Very Own Fairy Godmother (and sister Israeli the Incredible)
  • Kyle  "Speedy" Sorenson, Austin Hospitality
  • Amy "Fearless Leader" Mader, NEAWP President
It was hot but everyone was great sports.

We would also like to thank ISES Austin- Nancy Allison and Michelle Bromley for allowing us to have a team and for putting this team building event together. We also would like to thank Jesse Bloom with Ecstatic Cuisine and Johnny with Complete Music. The food was delectable!

I look forward to defending our titles next year! The participation on this team was a true pleasure and the support of our teammates was an unforgettable experience!

Until our next meeting-