Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preferred Vendor Lists

What exactly is a preferred vendor list? Who has them? And how will it affect my wedding?

I get asked these questions ALL the time! So it only seems appropriate that I address them today.

What exactly is a preferred vendor list?

Preferred vendor lists can be a couple of things. First, it is a list that an event planner “works off” of to recommend their clients to.

How does a vendor “get” on a vendor list?

Theoretically, they should be on the “list” because they are the best value for their dollar. Notice, I did not say the “C” word (cheap) as I can’t stand that word. This is all about a value. For me, the I do not have “list” that someone just gets added to. The vendor needs to have either worked with me or have an outstanding reputation in the industry (and yes, all event people talk so we know what everyone is up to. Although we take the “talk” with a grain of salt, do know that if you start hearing the same bad things over and over again, one grain of that salt “must” be true . Therefore, it is not appealing to risk my reputation on that). You would be shocked at the number of phone calls that come into our office asking “how do I get on your list”. Well, since it is common question, and we are not into “selling space” on our “list”, the best thing for you to do is do your job, do it WELL, work hard, be prompt, don’t abuse the system and your business will succeed.

How will the vendor list affect my wedding?

If your consultant/planner/vendor recommends other vendors (i.e. they are on a fictional list), that person is willing to put their reputation on the line. Being that weddings are a one shot deal (well in most cases…), a bad recommendation can ruin the wedding and put the said person in an awkward position with their client. Therefore the “list” is guarded very closely. ALSO—If a consultant is operating their business on a “kick back” premise (this means they get paid by the client AND the vendor), the list might not be in your best interest since the consultant would only be taking you to vendors who are going to pay them. They are not looking for the best value for your dollar so you will want to keep a heads up on that issue.

Quote of the Blog

If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of itself” ~ Dwight L. Moody

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